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KC Kid-Friendly Trip: Adventures for the young + young at heart!

The all-new KC Kid-Friendly trip is here and ready for exploring. After months of stay-at-home orders with limited things to do, now is the time to load up the kiddos, download the app and visit the kid-approved locations across the region.

From carousel rides to the yummiest shaved ice, playing marbles to climbing faux rocks, there's adventures for the young AND young at heart on the KC Kid-Friendly Trip.

It's easy to discover the locations--just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the free Otocast App on Google Play or the App Store.

  2. Make sure your device location services are enabled (ON).

  3. Search for KC Kid-Friendly (if you are in the KC region, it should pop up via your location anyhow).

  4. Then, read the welcome message, tap continue, then tap the badge icon on the map to enter your name and email to participate.

Now, it's time to explore. With the app, you can read about each location, map directions to the site, listen to audio, view images and even share your finds socially with friends.

There's one more thing and it's really cool! Once you reach five locations, you'll complete the badge and win a kid-friendly prize (to be shipped at a later date)!

Stay tuned for KC Coffee and KC History Trips in coming months!

Certain restrictions are now in place across Kansas and Missouri regarding masks. Please verify each location's guidelines before visiting. We recommend masks--wearing is caring!
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